Exceptional Henna Art based in Portland, Maine. Est. in 2006


“Nev, thank you so much for coming out and doing mehndi for my wedding party. I just wanted to let you know how much everyone LOVED the work you did. It made our wedding that much more special. I keep staring at my hands, wishing it would never fade! You’re a lovely person and a true artist, thank you!”
Dawn Andrews

Hi Nev,
I want to thank you again for the henna last night. You were such a hit! And I was floored by the level of artistry on the girls’ hands. You added a very fun but also lovely element to the party.
All best,

“You are the best Henna artist ever! I got so many emails about how much the henna was enjoyed at the wedding. Thank you for being so flexible with all the craziness and really making it a great experience for all! We were not just pleased, we were thrilled with your work. I’d feel comfortable speaking with anyone who wanted to know more.

Hey Nev, Thank you again for coming to my Blessing Way. I absolutely LOVE my belly! I think the baby enjoyed it, too. As you did your beautiful artwork on each of my friends I became more and more amazed at your talent and grace. You did such a great job with all the activity of the afternoon and I’m glad you could be part of the experience. Thank you!
Kara Kaikini

“I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say my hand looks soo great and I get so happy just looking at the special floral hearts and henna design. I told my husband that he should get me a bouquet of floral hearts henna design every valentine’s day or any special occasion. Its turned into a rich mahogany brown now and I receive many compliments. For every compliment, I always comment how impressed I am by your artist’s “hand.” Nev, you truly are “remarkable” and I look forward to our next appointment!”
Jamie Kool

My last class of the weekend was Nev’s Pushing the Paste. Now let me just preface this by saying that upon seeing the schedule of classes available at the HI&R, this one struck me as the one I MOST wanted to attend. Shading, creating depth in your designs? I am sooooo in!!! Nev did not disappoint! I learned that I can give my designs life. That they don’t have to be quick & dirty clip art 2D versions of realistic things. I can draw a flower! I can shade it and make that thing look not half bad! I never in a million years would have attempted plant life or even gone for a more realistic henna design on a client with any amount of confidence before taking this class. All of my experiences this weekend culminated in a consciousness shift for me as an artist in regards to how I intend to present myself and my art but Nev’s last class really was the needed motivation to do it completely.
Shawna Norton- solstice henna

“I was stumped trying to think of something fun for my daughters 15th birthday party, then I had the opportunity to experience one of Nev’s henna’s at an art gallery recently. How perfect it was to have her come and share the art of henna at my daughter’s party. The girls and I were thrilled with the work that was done and the henna was absolutely beautiful! They raved about it for weeks!”
Robin Lakin

“I’ve been meaning to write and tell you the outcome of the georgeous ‘Fertility Feet’ henna… well, the baby is due next month!”

“Genevieve Levin’s Henna… program at the Terryville Public Library met with more interest and enthusiasm than any other non-children’s program we have ever had. Although children ages 6+ were welcome, marketing was primarily directed at teens and adults. Even when more people showed up than expected, Genevieve, “Nev”, forged ahead and patiently gave everybody what they wanted and in a timely fashion. We will definitely have her back.”
Gretchen L. Durley
Children’s Librarian,
Terryville Public Library

“I would like to add another positive review for this young woman. Nev was personable and struck a responsive chord with all involved. I also structured this for ’10 and up’ hoping to get a little interest from those difficult to attract, and it did a better job than any other program tried.”
Ann Szaley,
Children’s Librarian
Seymour Public Library

“I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how well your program was received by our East Hampton audience. The comments we collected were over-the-top extraordinary. The 2-hour time frame served everyone very well and it was quite lovely to see mothers and daughters, grandmothers and grandsons, and adults who have never before attended library programs thrilled by an afternoon spent with you. You are a true artist for sure and we deeply appreciate your willingness to travel from Maine to dazzle East Hampton.”
Most Sincerely,
Sue Berescik,
Library Director

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